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      Quote about passion in photography        A Farsi design: the name: "Kayla"                   A name tattoo on foot and ankle              Persian tattoo on foot and ankle


                                        Another Farsi design: the word "Freedom"                                              "Strength"                                                      "Strength"


               A date: "1979"                                        A date: "1979"                                              A personal quote as a Persian tattoo design: "My life, My Cassendra" 


                             A Persian tattoo design: "Yahoo" (i.e. Oh God)                                           The last name "Mehrmanesh" as Persian tatoos on two brothers arms        


                                        "My Family, My Life"                                                A Persian tattoo design (Farsi tattoo) on shoulder: "My family, My life"


                            Persian tattoo on foot:  "Have strong faith"                           "Have a strong faith!"                                                  "Have a strong faith"


                    A lion comprised on the names of a few cities       Farsi design: "Family"               Pain sets human free                             A name: "Tahereh"     


                                              "Family" as a back-neck tattoo                                                                          Three names interwoven: "Cyrus, Sabrina, Parisa" 


             Sample Persian tatoos: A Rumi Quote about love: "My mother is love, my father is love, my prophet is love, ..."                           Two names:"Brenden, Colin"


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